Searching for Success

Define Success for you is the Beginning of Designing your Life Path

Design your life

Why not get back to your roots and look for that activity that got you excited and for me at a very early age I loved being outside. I have fond memories and they were always outside like walking on the snow barefoot in the summer at Glacier Park, Montana, or skiing on Saturday’s in the winter months in Red Lodge Montana, and even hanging out with the cowboy dude’s on the ranch branding cattle, are just a few of my favorite memories as a child. Creating an outside space is essential for designing your purpose in life and how we can impact the world in a greater way.

How do you learn quickly to fear failure? When things don’t go as we expect, it’s essential that those times we see it as a learning experience. I truly believe if we learn from our experiences we can learn to solve any problem and take on the situation with the expectation to deal with it head on and to work through it. I believe it’s possible to solve every problem and we can access support and in my experience not dealing with the problem is worse than working through the solution one step at a time. Take an active role and be involved.

Keep your perspective. My belief when things are worth doing and it’s important to try your best and put a plan in place and even if you make a mistake especially if it’s new or difficult situation. I believe it’s imperative to try to keep moving forward. Building your skill development is repeating the activity and improving with repetition and staying focused on the end results. This last week I woke up with this strong statement,  “All my activity will give me results,” and my activity changed and I achieved the results I desired.

Be patient. I can’t tell you how many times I have learned that success is a process and it’s constantly challenging and with our changing times and environment you will be challenged. I love the process and creating the system and keeping it simple. If you put others before yourself, you will be surprised how you can impact people’s lives in a positive way that gives you hope to keep on going and the most important words I can hear is this will be worth your time.

Love what you do and make it worthwhile and you will experience success far greater than you ever dreamed possible.


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